PhenoTrait Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly focusing on plant phenotyping, photosynthesis and agricultural science field in China, on promoting the use of phenotyping technologies for the improvement of crop quality, crop yield and environment of the country with biggest population in the world.

Most of PhenoTrait staff have Ms.C or Ph.D degrees with many years scientific research background so that we know the exactly needs of our customers.

PhenoTrait play very active role in promoting and inspiring Chinese plant phenotyping community. We are

* Initiator and co-organizer of Asia-Pacific Plant Phenotyping Conference (

* Initiator and key partner of China Plant Phenotyping Network (CPPN)

* Initiator and organizer of Plant Phenotyping Sessions in XIX International Botanical Congress 

* Initiator and organizer of PhenoTrait Forum – series plant phenotyping forum

* International Plant Phenotyping Network (IPPN) industry member


PhenoTrait is the best choice for you to connect to China plant phenotyping and agricultural science community. We hope to collaborate with you to help you extending your business in China.

Our Mission

Introduce the world's best agricultural technologies into China, to promote the use of these advanced technologies, to improve crop quality, crop yield and environment of the country with biggest population in the world.

Our Vision

Feed China, feed the world!

PhenoTrait Forum

PhenoTrait Forum is a series forum focusing on plant phenotyping with "80% academics + 20% technology". The forum is organized by PhenoTrait Technology Co., Ltd. together with different research organizations.  

The 1st PhenoTrait Forum started at Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAAS) in May 20th, 2016. It have 3 phenotyping talks and attracted 68 attendees. Then the 2nd to 9th forums were successfully organized from May to December, 2016. The 9 forums have nearly 450 attendees in total.


The 10th PhenoTrait Forum held in February 2017 is a full English forum, because there are many foreigners sitting there. A small step but very important for us.

The 10th to 16th forum have been successfully organized in 2017, with 11th, 13th and 18th forum have 150+ attendees, 15th forum have 120 attendees, and 16th forum have 170+ attendees.


At early days we have to ask a certain research organizations "Can we organize a phenotyping forum in your place". But from December 2016, more and more research organizations asked us "Can you help us to organize a phenotyping forum".


Some key numbers of PhenoTrait Forum:

* 20 forums from May 2016 to November 2018 

* 58 speakers 

* 104 talks 

* 1740 attendees

11th PhenoTrait Forum, Nanjing Agricultural University, April 19, 2017

13th PhenoTrait Forum, Huazhong Agricultural University, May 14, 2017

16th PhenoTrait Forum, Shandong Agricultural University, September 16, 2017